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Does Islam have an image problem that needs correcting by learning more knowledge as claimed by Hamza Yusuf?

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It is scholars like this that empower our oppressor's Islamophobic narrative by shifting the blame away from foreign policy and therefore legitimises their actions towards us - such 26,000 bombs dropped on Muslims in 2016 alone.

The greatest preventative to "terrorism" is to stop them being murdered with bombs and sanctions.

HY rhetoric is insulting to Palestinians who are humiliated daily, rohingyan Muslims being burnt and buried alive and the Muslims in CAR being dismembered and cannibalised.

His logic is like saying a woman who keeps getting brutally beaten by her husband needs to take a "wife literacy" course. Muslims don't need "literacy", they need security. A shield behind whom the Ummah can be protected and throughout our history it has always been in the form of strong leadership manifested by strong Islamic leadership. Hamza's logic is tantamount to victim blaming, a common symptom of the colonised mind.

One of the key failures of Muslims engaging in politics and governance is the complete lack of study of Islamic politics.

Specifically the study of what the Islamic text obliges with regards to governance; its ruling, its role, the conditions of validity, the organs of government, the limitations of power etc.

As such because we have a complete lack of appreciation of what Islam says about politics and governance we find that we borrow from western political models till this becomes the only paradigm by which we see politics occurring.

This is like having no knowledge on how to perform salah, yet feeling the need to perform an act of prayer. At the same time the only knowledge of prayer we have is singing carols in church services.

Therefore we begin to islamise Christian forms of worship believing this is what Islam encourages in order to get closer to God.

We've done the same thing with Islamic politics and governance. Hence we see nation states, democracy, free market economics - this then becomes the paradigm by which we see Islamic politics and so we Islamise these western political structures believing we are doing what Islam encourages.

Key solution is to begin to educate ourselves of what Islamic politics is and the contra distinction between that and what we see in the west.

Think outside of the predominant paradigms

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