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What will Allah ask my mother who lied to me about the to-be-bride girl (today, my wife)?

As salaam 'alaikum. It has been 12 years since my marriage. But there is one thing that often comes back in mind and bothers me. It is the way the marriage was arranged. I come from a culture where people often get married to cousins. Nevertheless, it was my personal decision to never marry within close or distant relatives. It never appealed to me, ever. My father also would not endorse the idea of marrying a cousin.

Here is what is sad. My mother knew that all along. Yet, because she liked a particular girl who happened to be a distant cousin, she lied to me about her true identity. She revealed to me only on the night before the wedding. By then it was too late because the wedding was finalized. Both my father and I were displeased. Even in the act of revealing, she was deceitful. She pretended as if she herself was surprised to have found out that the girl was a cousin! Days after the marriage, I came to know that she had tried hard, and would do anything, to keep it a secret, lest I would call the wedding off!

My dear Muslim brothers and sisters, I have come to you today, to know what Islam says when a mother deprives a son of the right to know the truth in its entirety before making a life-changing, permanent decision in life, such as marriage.

I need to live with it forever. From time to time, it causes me to bleed. How could a mother do such a thing?

I know there are numerous references in the Holy Qu'ran that talk about our obligations toward parents. What about when parents become unfair to children? In the light of Islamic teachings, kindly let me know how Allah will judge on all that happened. Thank you.
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