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Islamiqate is a Not-For-Profit organisation founded by a group of Muslim friends based in Britain.

We are on a mission to dispel myths, tropes and stereotypes by crowdsourcing authoritative content on Islam, its civilization and its people.

Anyone can ask a question, anyone can answer a question - voting and feedback helps ensure content is always improving. We provide the platform to make this happen and ensure the content is seen by people around the world.

The project is vast given the long history of Islam, the complexity of its ideas and concepts and how it is affecting the world today. We have so much work to do so could do with your help. Whether you are good at research, analysis, writing, graphics, video or marketing... we can put your skills to good use.

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What we provide!

Vote Content

Great answers start with great insights. Content becomes intriguing when it is voted up or down - ensuring the best answers are always at the top.

Multiple Perspectives

Questions are answered by people with a deep interest in the subject. People from around the world review questions, post answers and add comments.

An authoritative community

Be part of and influence the most important global discussion that is defining our generation and generations to come

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