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What were George Bush's biggest mistakes as President?

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In a Nutshell
The mistakes of ex-President George W. Bush did irreparable damage to the US reputation and prestige around the world.
What were George Bushs biggest mistakes as President?

So, What Has He Been Doing?

Early on in his presidency, he supported and participated in the overthrow of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. Chavez was legally and democratically elected and the coup failed.

Bad feelings between the two countries intensified, with Bolivia and Ecuador turning away from the US towards Marxism - and China.

Following 9/11

After 9/11, when the world was sympathetic to the US, Bush made his absolutely ridiculous "You're with us or the terrorists" speech.

He turned sympathy to resentment forcing countries to look to other nations to protect themselves from the US.

Following 9/11 when New York was blanketed by smoke and thousands of other toxic chemicals, he decides to tell the world the air and area around the WTC was safe.

Two years later the rescue dogs start to get sick and die and the fire fighters suffer with cancer and other illnesses.

It emerges no one tested the air, ground or water. They just told everyone things were fine.

On Taliban

While the Taliban was close to collapse, Bush pulled out the forces needed to complete the job to "liberate" Iraq. After four trillion dollars and many hundreds of thousands dead, the only winner was Iran whose geopolitical influence grew.

Meanwhile, the Iraqis, having no clean water, sanitation, electricity stood starving while ISIS dismantled the country going on to cause havoc in Syria too.

On Palestine

Bush's decision on Middle Eastern peace sought to encourage Palestinians to hold "free and fair" elections. Bush's man Abbas lost, and Hamas won in an unexpected upset.

Instead of supporting the democratically elected government of Hamas, he rejected the results and forced the Palestinians to accept Abbas, which split the country and fermented violence. Hypocrisy at its finest.

On Somalia

Then he went on to do deal with those who dragged the bodies of American servicemen through the streets of Somalia to fight al-Shabab.

Naturally, they took the money and ran. Kenya had to do the dirty work despite of Bush insulting them.

On North Korea

Bush continued mocking Clinton for his humanitarian support to North Korea and how he would prevent them from getting the bomb. When North Korea exploded its bomb, Bush watched in dismay doing nothing.

But what he did do was to promise the people of Georgia and Ossetia he would protect them from the Russians if they moved towards the West. When the Russians launched a ground war, Bush had disappeared. The Russians annexed Ossetia and the Georgians were left isolated - the reward for relying on Bush.

Sexual Harassment

How humiliating it was for when Bush attends a meeting of the most powerful heads of state in Europe and on camera, molests Angela Merkel, the German leader - preserved on YouTube for future generations. If anyone did that in the US, they would be arrested for sexual assault.


The Bush Administration was big on torture. They tortured many who later turned out to be innocent.

In the case of a Canadian, they forced a passenger airliner down, took the unsuspecting man off by force and sent him to Syria and Greece to be tortured for months until they realized they had the wrong man.

What were George Bushs biggest mistakes as President?
This happened frequently it turns out. How do you say sorry to a man you've mistakenly tortured?


In Bush's case, most were released during winter into combat areas in Afghanistan, wearing only their underwear and with no passports or money, in the hope they would be killed. The worst thing about this was Bush and Cheney denied the USA tortures people and water boarding was apparently not torture - Japanese soldiers were shot for doing exactly the same thing to Americans after WW2. War crime? I would say yes.

Abu Gharaib

Probably the worst things the Bush Administration ever did, and it destroyed the image of the USA as a beacon of Hope. Where in the past the US biggest export was Hope, now it was Fear and it raised legions of "terrorists" for the enemy. In Greece, the US Ambassador quit rather than be part of a State Dept. whose unofficial motto under the Bush Administration was the same as Caligula's: "Let them hate so long as they fear."

When the crimes at Abu Gharib came to light and the Americans and CIA were torturing people with lightning speed and in mass numbers, what was the first rule in response to the discovery of the torture? Was it to stop the torture? No. It was to ban the cameras. The Bush Administration should have just put up recruiting posters for Al Qaeda all over the Middle East.

One can never look at mistakes of the Bush Administration without commenting on the pallet load of cash that were dropped into Iraq, literally billions of US dollars, shrink-wrapped on pallets and handed out to (it turns out) the enemy, in the hope that people would use the money to start businesses and spur economic activity. Now, much of that money, along with billions in US military equipment, is in the hands of ISIS, captured when Mosul fell.


Meanwhile, Americans are dying for no good reason, whilst torturing innocent people in CIA black sites all over the world.

Bush goes on camera and says, "I call upon all nations to come together to end this terror. We must fight it everywhere."

Then he says, "Now watch this drive!" and goes golfing.

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