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Do Western movies promote the family?

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I can't think of a single kids' movie or TV show where the family unit is praised and promoted. Every single program I can think of demeans the family unit, disrespects parents - especially making the dad look extra dumb - and presents both the family unit and parents as an annoyance and a hinderance to people being "free."

Here are some examples:

- The Little Mermaid: Father is an obstacle, he doesn't understand, she knows best, wants to be free

- Pocahontas: Parents and tribe are racists, they don't understand, she knows best, wants to be free

- Bee Movie: Parents are an obstacle, they don't understand, he knows best, wants to be free

- Shrek: Girl's parents are an obstacle, they don't understand, she knows best, wants to be free

- Simpsons: Dad is dumb, he doesn't understand, son is cleverer, wants to be free

- Moana: Family is an obstacle, they don't understand, she knows best, wants to be free

Incredibles, The Lion King, Tarzan, Superman, Spider-Man, Finding Nemo and so on.

And we find the same pattern in nearly all the children's movies, whether new or old. The kids in the movies always know better and the parents are always backwards, incompetent and won't listen to reason. If the theme includes a good relationship with the parents, then the father is always a buffoon and the mother is the understanding one - and we see this in shows like Peppa Pig and so on.

Children are highly influenced by the shows they watch. It's important to be careful of what influences your children. Don't just let them watch any show. Make sure you watch it yourself first and ensure that it is not teaching them bad behavior, unIslamic concepts, or resentment towards their parents.

Parenting is a very active role. It's not just playing with them, or eating together, or cleaning up after them - as important as these things are. Parenting is also providing them with a perspective on life, boundaries that they understand and agree with, giving them room to make mistakes and find their own feet in life and protecting them from things they do not yet realize are a danger to them - even if they are not happy with you putting restrictions on them.

Being a parent is a big responsibility. It's not a passive role. You are either building your children, or someone else is. So be careful of who you allow to build your children - or you might end up being unhappy with the outcome and you will only have yourself to blame for it.

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