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Do you think the tactics of the enemies of Islam have changed over 1400 years?

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In the last 1400 years the tactics from the enemies of the Prophet (saw) have not changed.

Islam hasn't changed either it's the same message that we had 1400 year's ago.

The USA, UN, UK are today's equivalent of the Quraysh of Makkah - just like them they are coming up with more and more wacky way's to stop the message of Muhammed (saw)!

That's nothing new for Islam it will survive it and always has done. ...

And we even have plenty of Abu Talibs today....

I can think of only one thing that's missing today and that is where are the Ansar of Madina?

That actually means two things are missing the second being we have no voice and we have no one that represents Islam we have no political body where is our shield?

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