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What is behind the Saudi and Canadian spat?

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To make sense of why Saudi is behaving so aggressively towards Canada, over-reacting to a tweet, requiring most Saudi nationals to leave Canada along with cutting off a number of trade agreements between Saudi and Canada, it's important to understand the geopolitics.

Saudi is a client state of the US. It is not permitted to create such waves without prior approval from the US. The US is annoyed with Canada for refusing to bend on a number of issues related to NAFTA. This includes US demands for reducing tariffs on exports in banking and telecomms along with permitting American companies acquiring Canadian media companies.

The US is thus applying pressure through Saudi to get its way. Canada has a large contingent of Saudi students who bring in significant revenue and importantly it is one of the largest weapons suppliers to Saudi.

Trudeau has made it clear he still will not bend on the NAFTA demands so the issue looks like rumbling on.

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