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What do you think of the British govt's PREVENT programme?

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Masters in Education from Nottingham University in the UK. Also studied Masters in Islamic Studies and Islamic Banking & Finance. Political activist with interests in Geopolitics, History and Phil ...
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What do you think of the British govts PREVENT programme?

The UK based Shaykh Abu Isa's response is pretty good:

It is only fair to credit the breathtaking success of convincing the government to pass counter-terrorism legislation following the "Prevent" strategy which will prosecute Muslims for being BASIC Muslims - what they call "non-violent extremism" - to Tony Blair.

The man is a genius. He is one of the greatest minds of our time and many important powerful people recognise that and pay him handsomely for it. It is time we respect his work and study it too, because this man will be remembered for centuries to come.

You will struggle to find recently a person who so single-mindedly tried to destroy the religion of Islam from within, turning it into a secular shell, whilst smiling so disarmingly on the outside pretending to be a protector of religious minorities and the oppressed.

By introducing "Prevent" years ago, he has been patiently waiting for it to flower.

So the fact that today non-Muslims and apostates get to determine *our* creed and practice, is Prevent.

The fact that folks such as Usama Hasan, Sara Khan, Adam Din, Maajid Nawaz, Abu Muntasir Manwar Ali Dilwar Hussain, ISB, Quilliam and their ilk are all seen as moderates, leaders, martyrs, heroes, champions "under threat" and representatives of the Muslims, is Prevent.

The fact that scholars and speakers cannot express basic Islamic facts to those willing to better themselves, is Prevent.

The fact that the government has the gall to send Muslims in the UK the most outrageous of letters telling us effectively that we need to sort out our government's crimes, is Prevent.

The fact that we can't even honestly debate the role of said government in this time of increasing terror at home, is Prevent.

The fact that a policy can "fail" so spectacularly in that it makes Muslims so afraid to be Muslim and yet has created more fear, danger and extremism for us in the West and indeed abroad too, is Prevent.

See, Blair was never interested in safety and defeating terrorism as part of Prevent. He was only interested in destroying our 'aqeeda and our identity and secularising the faith. The danger part is something he makes his living out of! That threat has to remain for him and his partners in crime to sustain their war industry upon and to continuously advise leaders and governments about how not to defeat it but perpetuate it and make it work for their advantage, whilst keeping control of the masses.

Don't stay ignorant of the rapidly changing narrative. Do not take this lying down. These politicians want to leave us no choice by cutting off all our rights and then try to force us into violence so as to prove that narrative. We refuse. We will fight them every bit of the way using their own legal system and their own policies instead. We will hit them where it really hurts: their pockets. That's the only thing these immoral people care about: power and money. So as they have been planning, we have been planning too. It's taken time for us to get our game plan ready, but by working together with folks like MEND - Muslim Engagement and Development and others who are focused on the challenge ahead, we will hold these people accountable and either fling them out on their backsides, or sting the private ones amongst them hard in their pockets so that they think carefully next time they chat bakwas.

We are going live soon. Who's down?

We pray that Allah protects the Muslims wherever they may be in the world and to turn the plans of those who wish to harm them upon their own selves. Ameen

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