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Who were the al-Azhar Professors who in 1925 condemned Ali Abd al-Raziq for rejecting khilafah (caliphate)?

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The council of senior scholars, in a disciplinary meeting on Wednesday, 22 Muharram the year 1344 (August 12 1925), under the chairmanship of the distinguished Professor Sheikh Mohammed Abu Fadl, the Grand Sheikh of the al-Azhar condemned Ali Abd al-Raziq's views regarding the caliphate (khilafah).

This enquiry and conclusion was drawn in the presence of and by twenty-four scholars from the senior scholars, all of whom were distinguished professors.

The scholars were as follows:

  • Sheikh Mohammed Hassanein,
  • Sheikh Dasuqi al-Arabi,
  • Sheikh Ahmed Nasr,
  • Sheikh Muhammad Bakhit,
  • Sheikh Muhammad Shaker,
  • Sheikh Mohamed Ahmed Tukhi,
  • Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Hadidi,
  • Sheikh Mohammed Najdi,
  • Sheikh Abd al-Mu'ti Al-Sharshimi,
  • Sheikh Yunis Musa al-Attafi,
  • Sheikh Abdul Rahman Qura'ah,
  • Sheikh Abdul Ghani Mahmoud,
  • Sheikh Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Samalouti,
  • Sheikh Youssef Nasr Dijwi,
  • Sheikh Ibrahim Basila,
  • Sheikh Mohammad Al-Ahmadi al-Zawahri,
  • Sheikh Mustafa Al-hahyawi,
  • Sheikh Yusuf Shalabi Al-Shabrabkhomi,
  • Sheikh Mohammad Suba'i al-Dhahabi,
  • Sheikh Mohamed Hamouda,
  • Sheikh Ahmed al-Dilbashani,
  • Sheikh Hussein Wali,
  • Sheikh Mohammed Al-Halabi,
  • Sheikh Sayed Ali El-Marsafy

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