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Is everything that is "truly knowable" known through science?

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If that's the case then mathematics is sorcery and history are fictitious tales because their unique methods are made redundant by your logic as they don't use the scientific method. But that's not the case though.

Firstly a basic principle of science is that what we "know" isn't even objectively true because of the inductive reasoning used to establish conclusions that emanate from it. Hence the conclusions are assumptions as to what we think it is at any given moment in time, which is always subject to the process of falsification.

Now with the aforementioned in mind, the application of the scientific method is based on that which is observable. Now using the scientific method I would agree that it's impossible to conclude what came before matter (using this method) so I find it very unscientific, for someone to conclude the possibility of a sentient creator being non existent. So why argue so vehemently against such a possibility when it could be true? Atheists profess that a sentient cause cannot exist while in the same breath, rather evangelically (ironic) accept we can't know what came before. The sincere response would be "we just don't know", not vehemently ruling out the possibility of a sentient creator. That's if we want to be logically coherent with our chosen line of reasoning.

Lastly this demonstrates how so much "faith" is placed into one specific method, albeit an important one, to come to conclusions about life. Science has its strengths and limitations. Yet many atheists tend to religiously overcome the limitations by making pronouncements of what came before the existence of the universe falling into contradictions, much like those of the religious persuasions whom they accuse of "dogma" while omitting their own.

To establish what came before requires a method other than that of the scientific one. This is done through the reasoning that everything is limited and dependent thus necessitating the existence of an independent, sentient creator. Still rational and still valid.

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