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What's your opinion on Turkey's leader Erdogan?

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I recently met an interesting man (an ustadh - teacher) from Turkey. Not only does he teach Islam after a number of years of studying it formally, but he also is affiliated with ikhwan al-muslimeen.

What's really interesting is his views on Erdogan. And he reminded me of somethings that I forgot.

Whats your opinion on Turkeys leader Erdogan?

In sum he was critical of Erdogan saying his policies demonstrate he only gives lip-service to Islam. He has rolled back fundamental Islamic laws to help secure EU membership whilst the EU look at him with disdain. He follows American policy within the region fulfiling their interests whilst ignoring those of his own people and people of the region.

He gave four examples to prove his point.

1. Erdogan was a vocal supporter for the Iraq invasion by America in 2003. He supported not only providing America with military bases and providing troops to topple saddam (the Turkish parliament in the end voted against Erdogan for these proposals which led to an apologetic letter written to the American people). He also repeated fabrications claiming Iraq had biological and chemical weapons - see here.

2. Even after losing the vote Erdogan passed a resolution to open up Turkish airspace to American war planes to bomb Iraq - see here.

3. Erdogan initially didn't support the removal of Ghaddafi but changed its position once NATO agreed to militarily contribute towards his removal.

4. As part of his attempts to join the EU Erdogan repealed the proposal that would have made adultery illegal. He did this purely to appease the EU - see here

The ustadh then said many Turks are emotional and have blind loyalty to Erdogan yet these are facts about Erdogan and not simply opinion. He did support America's war in Iraq, he did help them bomb Iraq and he did repeal proposed legislation to ban adultery.

In sum argued how can we take Erdogan over what the just and fair requirements Islamic texts argue for?

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