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Does Allah sleep?

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Musa (as) was asked this very question by a man from the tribe of Israel, "Does Allah sleep?"

Musa (as) was given the answer through two angels. They came to him and told him, "Tonight we want you not to sleep, but to hold these two glass bottles throughout the night."

So Musa (as), after a long day of work and giving dawah, stood up in the night holding these two bottles that were given to him. The first third of the night passes by and he stays firm, barely losing any concentration. The second third of the night passes and he finds himself dozing off but catching himself before falling asleep. And finally the last part of the night comes and he loses himself and cannot stand up anymore. So he gets exhausted and the two bottles slip from his hand and shatter. The angels come to Musa (as) and say: "Oh Musa! If Allah would sleep, the heavens and the earth would collapse and shatter like these two bottles did."

"Neither slumber nor sleep overcomes Him." (Qur'an 2:255)

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