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Are Asian men more likely to commit sexual abuse than the wider white population?

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There seems to be a debate going on about the problem of sexual abuse perpetrated by Pakistani/Asian men as though there's a specific problem that exists with them and their culture.

Let's look at the stats.

CEOP (child exploitation and online protection) undertook a report which looked at sexual abuse. They categorised sexual abuse of children into two categories.

First "Type 1" group abuse involves targeting a victim, or victims, based on their vulnerability.

Meaning they abuse children not because they have a predilection for children but because they found them to be vulnerable to abuse.

Second one is "Type 2" group abusers are defined as having "a longstanding sexual interest in children".

Of the type 1 it was found that 75% of abusers were Asians. That's quite a shocking statistic knowing there are around 8% of Asians in the uk.

However let's break this down a little in terms of actual numbers it's only 229 Asians who perpetrated this abuse. Meaning that out of 3,078,374 (men and women or approx 1.5 million Asian men) then approximately 0.0074% of Asians commit sexual abuse of the type 1 category.

What about type 2 abuse that is where groups of men abuse children because they have an interest in children? Well when we look at this stats we find 100% of abusers are white.

As for loan child abusers they don't breakdown the stats based on ethnicities however anecdotally the assumption is that the vast majority of these cases are perpetrated by white individuals.

So based on the stats it's very difficult to conclude that there's a fundamental problem when it comes to Asian/Pakistani/Muslim community. As they represent a tiny fraction of the overall Asian community and compared to other crimes we see white population being over represented.

So the question remains why are Asians over represented in type 1 cases ie abusers who target victims based on their vulnerability. Well as the former cps for child sexual exploitation Nasir afzal once commented he said that vulnerable girls like those in social care where found engaging with people involved in the night time economy. Ie they were hanging around at cab stations, late night takeaways and as such were meeting men involved in that economy. Ie cab drivers and takeaway owners/workers which is predominantly over represented by Asian males. As such they were more likely to face abuse from this category of men. Not because Asians were any more likely to abuse girls but they were over represented in the night time economy.

It's clear then there's other factors and not simply the blanket incorrect statement that there's something wrong with Muslims or Asians and their culture.

No doubt Islam strongly forbids alcohol, drug taking, fornication, prostitution, rape or sexual abuse. This doesn't come from islam but a deeper problem that connects people like Harvey Weinstein, jimmy saville and some Asian taxi drivers.

What connects these abusers to the crime they committed was firstly they were in a position of relative power over the victim, the victim was in a vulnerable state and thus susceptible to abuse without support mechanisms. And that the abusers shared common values that of maximising their own gratification, women and girls as objects for their gratification and a lack of accountability to a higher authority.

It's a toxic mix of power, vulnerability and destructive values that causes these cases of abuse.

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