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What scholarly advice has impacted you the most?

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On October 17 1964, the subcontinent scholar, Shaykh Abul Hassan an-Nadwi was at the Islamic Center of London where he gave an heart felt reminder to Muslims who had come to the UK to study.  He said across the Muslim world there was a large gap between the masses and the elites who ruled them. The Muslim masses loved Islam and wanted to be ruled by Allah's shari'a. The leadership however had forgone Islam, Islam having become alien to them.  Instead of going to Western universities to acquire relevant the knowledge and tools they had to offer to benefit the ummah, they became mesmerized Western ideologies. The Shaykh reminded the students in his audience that they had not come to the West to parrot or emulate thembut to tell them that they were wrong and that they are right.  For anyone who wants to read the full transcribed lecture, check out حديث مع الغرب, pages 44-54, section on حديث مع الشباب المسلم المتعلم في الغرب.

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