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If bitcoins and blockchain technology will liberate us from capitalism, why do we need Islam?

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Do you really think that bit coin will liberate us fro capitalism? Let me tell you something:

Bit coin is a cryptocurrency. Simply put you never know if today a bit coin is worth $100, then tomorrow it could be worth $0.1, you never know. Moreover, all nations have not adopted bit coin, you cannot go to your local store and pay in bit coin. If a currency that is:

  1. Not adopted by all nations.
  2. Cannot be used everywhere.
  3. And is not consistent i.e., sometimes is of high value and sometimes is of low value.

Then how can it liberate us of anything let alone capitalism? It cannot even keep itself consistent, how can it liberate us from anything?

One the other hand, let's say 100 people accept Islam. Islam teaches us to:

  1. Never deceive anyone.
  2. Never tell lies.
  3. Never be a racist.
  4. Never steal.
  5. Never say something you cannot do or will not do.
  6. Always be respectful to others.
  7. Always be nice to others.
  8. Always help others.

And much, much more... If 100 people accept Islam, they will not tell lies to each other, they will not deceive others, they will not say anything bad to others, they will always be nice to others and much more. All of the toxic things from our society like capitalism, racism and the rest of the 'isms' will be eliminated automatically.

There is literally no other solution to eradicate toxic things from this world and bring back peace without Islam.

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