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Do those who produce similar verses to Qur'an defeat the challenge it is miraculous?

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This response to the Qur'anic challenge seems to have misunderstood what the challenge is asking and what the Qur'anic miracle is.

The Qur'an took the Arabic language and created a new form of discourse, eloquent, majestic, meaningful and rhythmic to mention a few qualities and aspects. It was a unique phenomenon - it transcended anything out there, something unique, never seen before, in a totally different league. Everyone agreed.

Take relatively recent examples like the matrix or star wars - they were unique as phenomenon... They took their genres to a level not seen before. Everyone agreed.

The challenge then wasn't for someone to copy the Qur'anic style and vary it a little. Anyone can do that if they have good Arabic. The point is to produce a unique phenomenon like the Qur'an or any of its surahs.

Copying Star Wars or Matrix or producing movies similar to them does not result in a new extraordinary phenomenon that is as good as they were or better. It results in a tacky copy, a "been there, seen it" response in the audience. It is what the false prophet Musaylamah did when he produced similar verses to surah feel 1300 years ago.

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