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What is the most amazing thing about Muslim history?

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The most amazing thing about our history and something everyone seems to overlook is how many heroes of Islam rose in the face of adversity.

If one of us fell, another rose in his place. That was the beauty of the Ummah.

We didn't always get along. We often argued and fought against one another. We were flawed human beings but we tried our best to live the Deen of Islam.

The Mongol invasions were among of the greatest tragedies that the Ummah had to endure. And worst of all the threat of the Crusaders was still there in the West.

But heroes like Qutuz, Baibars and Ibn Taymiyya and many other men rose to the occasion and kept the fight going. The Ummah eventually triumphed over the Mongols and the Crusaders. And out of the ashes arose the Mamluks and the Ottomans and they carried the banner of Jihad for a few more centuries.

The point of this post is that Islam isn't dependent upon a single personality.

And nobody illustrates this point better than the first Ambassador of Islam. Musab Ibn Umair(May Allah be pleased with him)

In the battle of Uhud when Muhammad(Peace and blessings be upon him) was reported to have been martyred, Musab took the banner of Islam in his hand and urged the Muslims to keep fighting by shouting the takbeer and repeatedly saying, "Muhammad is only a Messenger of God. Messengers have passed away before him."

His right hand was severed but he took the banner in his left hand and kept fighting until he was finally martyred.

What this shows is no matter what happens, no matter how many battles we lose, no matter how many times we are betrayed, no matter how many of us fall, we must keep fighting for the cause of Islam. We must never lose hope. We must never surrender.

The Muslim Ummah will rise again, Insha Allah. And I hope that the generations ahead will learn to depend on themselves and strive to achieve great things instead of just sitting in their homes and admiring TV heroes.

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