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What is the Quran's argument for the existence of God?

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The Quran's Argument for God considers four possibilities to explain how something was created or came into being or existence:

"Or were they created by nothing? Or were they the creators of themselves? Or did they create the heavens and Earth? Rather, they are not certain." 52:35

The four possibilities are then:

  • Created by nothing: "Or were they created by nothing?",
  • Self-created: "Or were they the creators of themselves?",
  • Created by something created: "or did they create the heavens and the Earth?", which implies a created thing being ultimately created by something else created, or
  • Created by something uncreated: "Rather, they are not certain", implying that the denial of God is baseless and therefore the statement implies that there is an uncreated creator.

This argument can also be turned into a universal formula that does not require reference to scripture:

  1. The universe is finite.
  2. Finite things could have come from nothing, created themselves, been ultimately created by something created, or been created by something uncreated.
  3. They could not have come from nothing, created themselves, or have been ultimately created by something created.
  4. Therefore, they were created by something uncreated.

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