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How am I eligible to become an Islamiqate moderator or admin in addition to a registered user?

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I want to be a moderator on Islamiqate in addition to a content writer.
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JZK for sending us your interest in becoming a moderator.  We don't recruit moderators directly - we usually begin with interns who learn how to write great articles, understand the layout requirements, research needed and so on before they become writers for us. This usually takes around 3 months.  Writers who have worked with us for a while can become senior writers and then moderators should they wish to undertake this role.  Should you wish to become an intern, let us have your CV and we can take a look at it and advise you how best to proceed.  We've reviewed your answers and appreciate the effort you are putting in to helping our others by providing answers.   A couple of helpful suggestions to help improve the quality of answers: - Try to avoid copying large amounts of text from other sites, citations are needed where you do this. - Better still, try to rephrase the ideas in your own words, adding headings and subheadings to help a user navigate the answer - that will improve your answer by 100% - If you look at the answers in this topic you'll get a good idea for layout and structure

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