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How do we get Muslims to be more connected to Islamic scholars?

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I think the young people have very little connection with scholars, bar going to /watching a few lectures/talks by nouman Alikhan etc.
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How do we get Muslims to be more connected to Islamic scholars?

This is what I wrote on one of Dr Yassir Qadi's statuses:
There's a reason why Muslims have resorted to extreme measures ... Consider the fact that scholarship in general today is out of touch with problems of the Umma and the perpetrators of those problems and instead seeks to put the blame almost entirely on the victims i.e. the Umma while mentioning token criticism of oppressive governments if any! So is it any wonder then that Muslims have lost the confidence in the ulama'' in general, the
inheritors of Rasul Allah (saw) and taken measures into their own hands?
It's not entirely the fault of general Muslims, scholars are also to blame for this! A change in this scenario will start with the scholars
themselves first making a focused, collective effort to address root
causes of Umma's problems instead of constantly putting the blame on Umma?" (Shehzeb Imam)

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