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How many legal verses are there in the Qur'an?

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Traditional Muslim scholars have identified at least 500 legal injunctions.  One of the first scholars to count 500 legal verses was the mufassir Muqatil b. Sulayman (d. 767). He is reputed to have authored a work titled on the subject which has been reconstructed and edited in his book of tafsir of 500 legal rules relating to the halal and haram.  Legal verses are always stated once and never repeated. The researcher Goitein argued their length is double or even triple that of non-legal verses.  In terms of length and quantity, then, the Quran offers more legal verses than the Torah. The traditional position in Judaism is that there are 613 commandments or mitzvot in the Torah. The earliest reference appears in a sermon of the third century Talmudic Rabbi Simlai endorsed by the renowned scholar Maimonides (d. 1203) nearly a millenium later.    

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