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Why is belief in angels second after belief in Allah in the Muslim creed (aqeedah)?

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Angels are beings who 'translate' the names and attributes of Allah into creation.  They are the intermediaries between Allah and His creation - not because He needs intermediaries, but because we need them.  We cannot apprehend Allah directly, and so His names and attributes have to be presented to us in a way that allows us to apprehend them.  The angels, created from light, are  'messengers' who bear the Divine command 'Be!', transforming the Divine Names into the visible, palpable creation of which we are part.   Angels each have one face turned inwards, towards the Creator, and the other face turned  outwards, towards us. They are the interface between the Divine and all that is other than Him. He does not need them, but we do, for without them, we would not be able to know who he is or who we are.  For this reason, among others, belief in angels is second only to belief in Divine unity.

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