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Can woman get a mate in jennah without having to share him with other 72 hoor?

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Can a woman get a mate in jennah without having to share him with other 72 hoor? I have searched and found that a woman if she and her husband go to heaven she will  share him with 72 other women and she will be nb 73,and if she died umarried or her husband went to hell she will marry a man who died single or his wife went to hell, and that is if HE wanted an extra wife. The islamic paradise seems very masculin and the woman will be treated unfairly even in the hereafter, so, if a woman in jennah gets to marry one man to be her only husband and she will be his ONLY wife,he doesn't have to be human,he can be man cteated in heaven as her perfect match,a male hoor maybe,i don't know,exept that she will not share him, then i accept islam as my religion because this is the last question i have.
I hope you will give me a straight answer without beating around the bush by telling me i will not be jealous in jennah,or that i will be the hoor's queen and more beautiful than them... no woman wants to share her husband, at least not most of them , this is causing hundreds of women to refuse islam including my self, believe i have seen it.
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I understand your concern about this. First, let me cover up a few misconceptions quickly about your question.  1. There are not 72 hoor in Jannat. The number of hoor for a man depends upon their deeds in this world. There will also be men in Jannat with 100,000 hoor or more.  2. You say in your question's description that Jannat according to Islam seem to be very masculine. This is not true. It is true that some of the awards in Jannat are exclusive for men but those awards come with a price only men can pay in this World. For example, men are strictly not allowed to wear jewellery in this world while women are not. As an award, both men and women will be allowed to wear jewellery in Jannat but the jewellery will look more beautiful on men compared to women.  3. On to the direct answer to your question. No, men will have hoor in Jannat because it is the destiny of men and women. But this is not it. listen to me on this carefully. in this world, humans have things like jaleousy, hate, bad habits etc as their nature. Therefore, women (you describe in the description of your question) cannot bear that their men will have more than one woman for them BUT just before entering Jannat, all of the bad things in human nature will be eradicated from humans by Allah Almighty (because indeed He controls everything) so that every human enjoys everything to the fullest. Don't worry about that in this world; because once you die, reality will be opened to you. Life starts with death.

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