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Are atheists polytheists (mushriks)?

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I would argue that atheists are indeed polytheists (mushriks).  Shirk is the rejection of any name or attribute of Allah and ascribing it to other than Allah.   Atheists reject Allah's names Al-Khaaliq [The Creator] and Al-Muqeet [The Sustainer]. And ascribe the creation and sustenance of the universe to other than Allah thus they are mushriks.  Atheists can reject the existence of Allah but cannot escape answering the question about the origins of the universe.  They might explain the origins in terms of eternality of the universe, Big Bang, multiverses or any other theory. In such cases, the creative powers are being appropriated from Allah and being given to something else. This is shirk.   Similarly, on the question of what determines change in the universe, atheists might say "laws of nature". However, laws of nature are not necessary variables that independently manage the universe. All laws require a lawgiver; hence, laws of nature also require a lawgiver since they are finite and contingent. Laws of nature on their own cannot come into existence or manage the universe independently. Again, replacing Allah as the controller of the universe with "laws of nature" is shirk.   Hence, atheists are mushriks is a reasonable conclusion.

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