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Which Islamic Sites and YouTube Channels would you Recommend?

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There are lots of Islamic websites and YouTube outlets on the internet with amazing content, and there are quite a few I would recommend due to their diversity and relevance to the challenges faced by the Ummah.

Note: these are not listed in ranking order.

· Mazin Abdul-Adhim’s YouTube Channel

As the name implies, the channel is run and hosted by Mazin Abdul-Adhim, who is an Iraqi Muslim living in Canada. For over a decade, he has been an active and effective vocal member of Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT), a global Islamic Political Party that aims to revive the Ummah by re-establishing the Khilafah (Caliphate) and implementing the Islamic Shariah.

In his Social Media accounts, Mazin has interacted with lots of people on topics that have caused confusion to the Muslim Ummah. His YouTube does just that. The subjects on the channel usually revolve around misconceptions and vital events. In an interview with the Mad Mamluks, Mazin mentioned that one of the things he has been doing for years now is to correct misconceptions and false propagandas about HT and Islamic concepts in general. To this effect, he did a series that covers major parts of Nizham ul-Islam (the System of Islam), the first book studied by HT members, explaining the concepts in it and how the relate to the reality.

However, the channel is not only a HT defense source, though it is a great one. Mazin has also been making research on autism and even had a talk with Neurodiversity on the topic. There are more important contents that every Muslim will surely find beneficial.

· The Muslim Skeptic – Daniel Haqiqatjou

Daniel Haqiqatjou provides some amazing criticisms of modern representations of Islam. Although, his styles are sometimes questioned, his YouTube Channel presentations and works are generally good.

The Muslim Skeptic ‘sports’ really good contents on atheism, LGBTQ, moderate Muslim (liberal Muslims), and even other religions. The Muslim Skeptic “…questions and critiques the dogma of the modern world to show how empty it really is.”

· The Mad Mamluks’ YouTube Channel

The Mad Mamluks is a Podcast that host interviews with personalities that “dive into topics like the Islamic view on governance, philosophy, psychology, feminism, secularism, liberalism, modernity, family, and societal issues.”.

Clearly, it is not a source for seeking opinion but a source for knowing about opinions. The people interviewed by the hosts are usually scholars and great personalities that represent groups, organizations, and movements. So, it is always good to check their interviews out. Because they really do ask the relevant questions.

· 5Pillars

5pillars is a go-to Muslim media outlet that contextualizes trends that affect the Ummah, mainly focused on Britain but also covers other Muslim affairs as best as possible. The site publishes news contents and opinion pieces that have impacted hundreds of thousands.

More importantly, it is not affected by government and modern liberal pressure. As a matter of fact, 5pillars publishes contents not discussed on major media outlets like the BBC, and presents perspective these gigantic media sites won’t discuss. As the site highlighted “we don’t feel obliged to take an editorial line on every single issue. We see ourselves more as a forum for debate and a reflection of the Ummah as it is in the UK and abroad, rather than a propaganda organ. This means that the Editorial Board will publish material that it doesn’t agree with, as long as that material is professionally produced and well argued.”.

· Mohammad Hijab's YouTube Channel

His website says it all, “Mohammed Hijabis a comparative religion(i)st, political scientist, author and debater. He has published works in the philosophy of religion, political philosophy and theology. He also holds degrees in those fields acquiring his undergraduate degree in Politics , a Masters degree in History (both from QMUL Uni. of London) and another Masters in Islamic studies (from SOAS Uni. Of London) . He has also undergone formal Islamic studies training in Hadith, Usul and Arabic language in an Islamic Seminary, The Shinqeeti Institute. Hijab is currently doing further postgraduate research in Applied Theology in addition to being active on social media, posting regular videos on his YouTube channel.

As far as qualification goes, he surely is quite the spectacle. He posts breathtaking debates, interviews, and conceptual videos on his channel. He usually takes on atheists and ex-Muslim in his debates and they are quite astonishing.

· Roots of Knowledge - Urooq

Urooq is basically an Islamic Course platform with amazing courses. Most of these courses teach the Arabic language. Their teaching styles are quite effective giving the testimonials you find on them. And some of these courses are free, like the course on al-Ajroomiyyah, an Arabic grammar (Nahwu) book that almost every Arabic student learns and memorizes.

You could also find useful videos on their YouTube Channel.

· KJ Reports’ YouTube Channel

According to its YouTube description, KJ Reports “…follow political, economic and social events and then contexualise our analyses with the latest global, geopolitical trends.

It has paid and free content, both of which are quite deep and amazing. It is worth enrolling for the paid contents to access its rich analysis. Its website is a cauldron of the detail featured in most of its videos.

· The Ummah Times – Decolonising Minds's Youtube Channel

In an age where indoctrination is common place, the Ummah Times is a growing channel on YouTube that hosts interviews and conversations with Islamic intellectuals. The conversations revolve around the matters of concern to the Ummah, mainly exposing events and concepts that have derided the Ummah from the path of revival.

· Abdullahi al-Andalusi

Abdullah al-Andalusi is an international Muslim speaker and debater that has been featured on big platforms like the BBC. As his YouTube Channel description perfectly describes his work “I am an international speaker, thinker, debater and intellectual activist for Islam and Muslim affairs. My work involves explaining and demonstrating, by rational argument, the intellectual proofs for the Islamic belief system, and promoting the Islamic way of life and Islamic solutions for contemporary problems. My work involves discussing history, philosophy and current affairs, to critically evaluating the position of creeds (or lack thereof) atheism, christianity, judaism and polytheism (e.g. hinduism) to political philosphies like secular liberalism, socialism & marxist socialism

He is a good source for rational debates and arguments.

· Prophetic Politics

The site contains publications by Dr Reza Pankhurst, the author of ‘The Inevitable Caliphate’ and ‘Hizb ut-Tahrir: The Untold History of the Liberation Party’. The most recent of his article/essay publications on the site have concentrated on dissecting the myths propagated by modern Islamic scholars about the Caliphate.

His academic research is quite amazing as they present pure Islam without twisting concepts to conform to modern liberal definitions.

· Call to Monotheism

This site is Bassam Zawadi’s research drop area. His research spans through Islamic belief, comparative religion, philosophy, history etc.

It is practically a resource extraction area that you could use for your university and other researches.

· theGeopolity

The website was recently launched by a team of geopolitical analysts led by Adnan Khan, author of ‘100 Years of the Middle East’ and the annual ‘Strategic Estimate’. theGeopolity aims to serve as an alternative to the prevalent Western-biased political analysis to the common and average man. Because political analysis seeks to disentangle the complex webs of global and regional events, theGeopolity dissect them in a way that makes sense to every person without having to need any academic qualificiations. As its motto says, Making Sense of the World.

· Farid Responds’ YouTube Channel

Farid is an expert manuscript editor and author, his Youtube Channel is dedicated to “refuting anti-Islamic content.” He has made videos refuting David Wood and lackeys like Mufti Abu Layth, who is a deconsecrated scholar.

It is quite hilarious and interesting watching how he ends atheists YouTube careers.

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