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How will Water be Distributed Under the Khilafah?

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In a Nutshell: The Khilafah will ensure that all its citizens receive a safe, clean and continuous supply of water that is regularly checked, as it is the Caliph's duty to ensure all his people have a house to live in, clothes and dry bread and water.

Water has always been one of the most important commodities it is required in many processes. Under the Khilafah, the state will ensure that all its citizens will have access to clean water and a continuous supply of water unlike many countries in the Muslim world today. Muhammad (SAW) said:

"The son of Adam (Muslim and non-Muslim) only has a right to three things, a house to live in, clothes to cover his nakedness, and dry bread and water."

Water will not be privatised as water is considered to be the property of the public within Islam; however, there will be a service charge which the citizens of the state will pay as there is a cost in processing and distributing water. The Khilafah will have policies in place which will ensure that the highest standard of clean water supply is given to all its citizens. Providing clean and pure water to the citizens of the Khilafah is an obligation of the Khaleefah. The Khilafah will have checks and balances to ensure that the highest quality of water is provided to all its citizens.

One method the State will adopt to ensure the water meets high standards will be to take water quality samples from the water network and check them on a regular basis. This process doesn't currently exist in most of the Muslim countries. Islam encourages conserving water; under the Khilafah, there will be a big incentive to save water and minimise any leakage and the wastage of water.

The Muslim world has enough wealth to build advanced water infrastructure; however, the major obstacle that has stopped the Muslim world from advancing are the governments who have stored the wealth of the Muslim world; if the wealth was used wisely the Muslim world would have achieved many things.

At the peak of the Khilafah, the state had designed and developed infrastructure to distribute water into major cities. The famous Muslim engineer Al-Jazari who lived during the Khilafah developed the earliest water supply system to be driven by gears and hydropower to mosques and hospitals within Damascus; this was built in the 13th century. The Khilafah encouraged progress through the utilisation of the best technology of the time.

The future Khilafah will, in the same way, encourage progress, hence the water engineers will develop the best water infrastructure in the world, and this water system will provide clean and pure water to all the citizens of the state.

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