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Hadith — Sahih Muslim, 37:6621?

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Kindly explain this hadith  ,"By Him in Whose Hand is my life,_if you were not to commit sin_Allah would sweep you out of existence and He would replace (you by) those people who would commit sin and seek forgiveness from Allah, and He would have pardoned them."
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Oh, it is one of the best Ahadees showing just how much Allah loves us. Please read this answer to the end so that the meaning is completely clear to you.  Allah has created us, of course, and He loves us the most. Humans, by nature, commit sins. Satan (Shaitan) constantly tries to provoke human beings to commit sins. Allah Almighty shows His true love for us by telling us that He will forgive all of our sins IF we ask for forgiveness and promise Him to try and never commit sins again (Tauba). Now, as more and more people accepted Islam and some of them could not resist the urge to commit sins even after promising to Allah Almighty that they would try not to, they got worried about their promise and committed sins; they ultimately contacted Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) about the issue. This is when Allah Almighty, the most merciful, gave a message to us through Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) that He would forgive us each and every time we do Tauba on one condition: we should really be ashamed of our sins and we should really promise ourselves and Allah Almighty to never commit them again from the bottom of our hearts.  A lot of different Ahadees have been quoted by different Sahaba (Prophet Muhammad's (Peace be upon Him) companions) about the forgiveness of our sins and how Allah Almighty describes to us that He knows that we will break our promises and commit sins again and that He would forgive us each and every time we do so on the condition described above.  This Hadith describes the love of Allah Almighty for us and the fact that He knows that we may break Tauba in future. So, to clarify to us that He knows about our nature and that we should always revert back to Him after breaking Tauba, he describes our nature in an indirect way. He tells us that if all the humans on Earth became perfect and started following Islam perfectly, He would eliminate all of the humanity and evolve new humans once again who would commit sins and then revert back to Him.  Important note: The message in this Hadith does NOT promote us to commit sins, it is just to tell us that we aren't perfect like angels and if we do break our Tauba, we should be ashamed of ourselves and revert back to Him immediately.  .  Disclaimer: I am not a highly qualified scholar. I am just a casual Muslim who likes to dive deep into meaning of different Ahadees and learn more and more about Islam. So, this answer is not 100% complete and perfect description of the message of Allah Almighty through His messenger Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him), it is merely an explanation of the quoted Hadith. Moreover, the purpose of this answer is not to promote committing of sins as committing sins intentionally is a major sin i itself; the purpose of this answer is just to show the people full of sins and who think that their sins cannot be forgiven a light of hope and faith. I sincerely hope I have been successful in explaining the quoted Hadith to you. Thankyou.

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