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How and why did the past Islamic empires expand?

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Why do muslims accept the past Islamic empires as a fair system and yet disagree with the expansionist nature of the western empires?
Did the past Islamic empires solely expand to convey the message of Islam or was it to do with other personal and worldly gain?
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The Islamic empires of the past were expansive and influential powers that had a significant impact on world history. These empires were characterized by their vast territories, diverse populations, and cultural and intellectual achievements. Here is a detailed account of how and why the past Islamic empires expanded:

  1. Military expansion: One of the primary ways that the Islamic empires expanded was through military conquest. Many of the early Islamic empires, such as the Rashidun and Umayyad empires, were founded by Arab warrior clans who conquered new territories through military campaigns. These conquests were often motivated by a desire to spread Islam and to establish control over new lands and resources.

  2. Trade and commerce: Another factor that contributed to the expansion of the Islamic empires was trade and commerce. The Islamic empires of the past were located at the crossroads of important trade routes, and they benefited from the exchange of goods and ideas with other cultures. The Islamic empires were also known for their sophisticated economic systems, which facilitated trade and helped to fuel economic growth.

  3. Intellectual and cultural exchange: The Islamic empires were also characterized by their intellectual and cultural achievements, and they played a key role in preserving and transmitting knowledge from ancient civilizations. Many of the Islamic empires were centers of learning and scholarship, and they attracted scholars and intellectuals from around the world. This intellectual exchange contributed to the cultural and intellectual expansion of the Islamic empires.

  4. Conversion to Islam: Another factor that contributed to the expansion of the Islamic empires was the conversion of non-Muslims to Islam. Many people living in the territories conquered by the Islamic empires converted to Islam, either willingly or through coercion. This conversion helped to spread Islam and to increase the size of the Muslim population within the Islamic empires.

  5. Political and administrative structures: The Islamic empires also expanded through the establishment of effective political and administrative structures. The Islamic empires were known for their well-organized and centralized governments, which were able to exert control over large territories and diverse populations. This centralization of power helped to solidify the authority of the Islamic empires and to facilitate their expansion.

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