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What has Australia's involvement been in the war on terror (Islam)?

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AUSTRALIA'S WAR AGAINST ISLAM AND MUSLIMS  Australia has been at the forefront of the so called War on Terror since its participation in the US led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 and the later invasion of Iraq in 2003. Together with her allies,  Australia has been responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands of Muslims over the past 20 years.  A Military Inquiry report released in November 2020 highlighted numerous allegations of  incidents  involving the killing of civilians in Afghanistan by  Australian troops including the brutal execution of children.    The Australian government has been just as oppressive  towards Muslims in its domestic policy. Australia has gone further than  its counterparts, the UK, Canada and even the US by passing 82 anti terror laws since 2001 primarily targeting Muslims thereby criminalising and demonising an entire community. These laws go against the country's own fundamental human rights and principles,  exposing the hypocrisy of democracy.  Examples of the harsh laws include Detention and Question orders that can detain an individual for up to 7 days without charge, Control Orders, the use of secret evidence, Preventative Detention Orders where authorities can detain an individual if a terror attack could possibly occur in the next 14 days and stripping Australian nationals of their citizenship. The first case of an individual being stripped of citizenship while having remained resident in Australia is that of Sheikh Abdul Nacer Benbrika who is being detained in prison despite having completed his 15 year sentence in 2020.  He has been granted an ex-citizen visa which means that he would not be allowed re-entry if deported.    The anti-Muslim sentiment created by government policy and legislation has inevitably filtered down into wider society with Islamophobic attacks on the rise in recent years,  particularly against Muslim women where 96% of women targeted were wearing Hijab as of 2021.

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