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What's your opinion on the talk given by Nouman Ali Khan regarding the shootings at Charlie Hebdo?

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The talk can be found here:<br /> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzP8e9b_OT8
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Whats your opinion on the talk given by Nouman Ali Khan regarding the shootings at Charlie Hebdo?

I found a number of points Nouman Ali Khan made to be concerning and I wanted to address them below:

1- His perspective of the issue was to blame the 1.8 billion Muslim population of the world for the actions of a few individuals, as if we are to blame for their behaviour.

Think of this example as a contrast: If someone entered another person's home and took it over by force, held his family there for decades, attacking them, assaulting the females, killing his family members there and elsewhere and, after all that, proceeded to insult his mother and sisters on television and the radio and this continued for decades; would you make an entire Khutbah bashing the man for snapping one day and attacking the attackers?

Would you spend an entire Khutbah accusing his family of having no morals and claiming that his mother did not even have a *basic* level of decency, saying that they are to blame for his backlash and not the attackers?

Is he so out of touch with the events around the world that you cannot see the West is the partner and cause of the violence Muslims might commit against anyone, whether innocent or not?

While this does not excuse the crime of a criminal (assuming the act is a crime), but did he forget we have had our lands bombed and invaded for decades, we have had young girls raped and their families made to watch and then killed, we have had 500,000 children die under 10 years of sanctions, we have had depleted uranium dropped on our Ummah causing centuries of damage, we have had over 3 million Muslims killed in the past 25 years alone, we have had our economies destroyed, our lands enslaved and our governments dominated by puppet regimes paid and protected by the governments of the West.

Then they add insult to injury by insulting the Prophet (saw), and he chooses to make a Khutbah attacking the Muslims exclusively, without mentioning the cause of the anger of individuals who might take such drastic measures to defend the honour of Islam?

This brings me to my second point:

2- He insulted the Ummah of Muhammed (saw) with very inaccurate and exaggerated accusations, such as saying we "don't even have a basic level of decency," and we have "low moral standards," and we "lack basic morality."

What kind of slander is this? How can he say such a thing? What Ummah is he looking at?

The Ummah of Muhammed (saw) has a very high level of decency, despite living in the most corrupt and oppressive situation today.

Look at the non-Muslim countries around the world that are afflicted with poverty and corruption. What happens to them? Widespread crime, mass alcohol abuse, drug abuse and prostitution fills their lands (and the prostitutes are women directly from that land, not imported from foreign countries). You can't even walk the streets without fearing getting mugged or assaulted.

Now look at the Ummah of Islam. Compare Bulgaria and Russia to Jordan and Palestine. Compare Amsterdam and Detroit to Tripoli (Lebanon) and Al-Kurtoom (Sudan). Compare the moral standard in each. You can walk through the poorest areas of Tripoli (Lebanon) or Amman and not fear for your safety from the people for even a moment. And while alcohol is consumed and prostitution is solicited in our lands, it is hidden and underground and our women are not working in those despicable fields.

What is wrong with him?

How can he speak about those whom Allah (saw) described as "The best nation brought forth to mankind" in such a way?

We are the best nation, even in these darkest times. Only those who are too shallow to see the true high level of morality of the Ummah under the facade of media propaganda would think otherwise.

You cannot judge the nearly-two-billion Muslim population of the Ummah by the actions of a few. And can you even blame the few that have low morality for being in such a situation when they either live under tyrannies that teach people to hate Islam or live under everything-goes liberal societies that teach them to defend people's right to commit Zina and insult people's beliefs?

3- I found it ironic that he said the power of Islam was in how it challenged the ideologies of those who reject Islam, yet here he had a golden opportunity to speak out about the contradictions and hypocrisy in the West's claims of "freedom," where, for example, a cartoonist ("Sine") working for Charlie Hebdo was fined and fired in 2009 for making fun of Sarkozy's son marrying a Jew.

Whats your opinion on the talk given by Nouman Ali Khan regarding the shootings at Charlie Hebdo?

The problem of this Ummah is Muslims who avoid political work - politics is the work of the Prophets, as Rasul Allah (saw) said كانت بنو اسرائيل تسوسهم الانبياء, "bani Israil used to have their political affairs managed by the Prophets" - but when such Muslims finally do speak about political affairs, they spend the entire time attacking their own Ummah and not addressing any of the real problems that affect our political situation.

Has the time not arrived to stop playing the safe game, Nouman Ali Khan, and take a stand for the political affairs of this Deen that might risk some of your popularity?

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