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How much is the jizyah tax?

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The classical jurists have defined two types of Jizyah:

  • Jizyah of Conciliation (al-Sulhiyyah) and
  • Jizyah of Exaction (al-Anwiyyah).

When a nation signs a treaty with the Islamic caliphate without going to war it pays jizyah al-sulhiyyah. The amount is negotiated by both sides and not fixed.

Jizyah al-anwiyyah is imposed after a state is defeated in war. It is applied upon all free, sane and adult men who are able to pay it. Monks in their monasteries or the poor are exempt. There are differing positions regarding its amount amongst the jurists.

  • The Hanafis stipulate the amount is proportional to the level of wealth. For the rich it is 48 dirhams (silver coins) annually, for the middle classes 24 dirhams and for others it is 12 dirhams.
  • The Malikis set a fixed rate of 4 dinars (gold coins) annually for the people who have gold and 40 dirhams for those who have silver.
  • The Shafi’i argue the minimum amount is one gold dinar annually and it is the caliph's discretion to impose more if he sees fit.
  • The Hanbali jurists sstate it’s the caliph's discretion as he sees fit tqking into account the ability of the person in question.

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