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What is your opinion on Muhammed Hijab's book 'The Burhan'?

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Muhammad Hijab starts his book 'The Burhan' with the statistic '90% of Americans believe in a higher power' (even though they don't hold to any specific religion) whilst atheists in the UK or US are around 5%.  He then argues this 5% is a 'significant proportion' and it is imperative proofs are presented for the existence of god as 'much is at stake'.  If one pauses to think, it is a strange demand he makes given these facts. Such a tiny number is of little relevance given the atheist project ran with full force from around 2003-2014. It seems the demand and ensuing projects are like many others in our contested world, taking those involved down yet another cul de sac and distracting us from the real issues.  Why is this the case?  Virtually everyone who believes in this higher power, including Hijab himself,  has marginalised it and its revelation in their collective lives, substituting it with secular ideologies (liberalism, nationalism, capitalism, consumerism etc).  This would suggest there is an urgent need to rearticulate and contrast the deen of Islam as the final, complete and true revelation that mankind needs to adopt to solve the glaring insecurities, inequalities, divisions, privations, conflicts and injustice that engulf mankind.  As his interview with Peterson showed, without a civilisation showcasing this way of life as happened historically, one is left defending undefendable failures such as the Gulf states, Brunei etc.  The twentieth century has been amongst the worse in human history... mankind is crying out for an alternative way of life.  By feeding them a personal faith, situated squarely in the status quo, do we really want a repeat of the twentieth century?

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