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Does Islam allow Christmas celebrations?

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In a Nutshell: According to the great Jurists, considering a non-Muslim festival good or to give greetings or exchange gifts with the intention of venerating this non-Muslim festival is kufr because it is resemblance with the disbelievers.

A non-Muslim festival refers to the festival that has no basis in Islam e.g., Christmas. So, wishing anyone or saying “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Christmas” due to it being Christmas, is a sin and impermissible if one does not consider it to be worth venerating. If anyone wishes by considering the festival (Christmas or any other non-Muslim festival) to be worth venerating, it is kufr (disbelief) because it is resemblance with them.

It is stated in the hadith that those who resemble or imitate disbelievers are from amongst them.

The companion Abdullah ibn Umar (ra) narrates the Messenger of Allah (saw) said:

“He who resembles a people is from amongst them.” (Abu Dawud 4031)

Resemblance of another religion that Allah and His Messenger (saw) have prohibited is unlawful otherwise it remains lawful.

From the Qur’an and Sunnah, one can understand that resemblance of other religions Allah and His Messenger (saw) have declared unlawful is: If the action is a specific sign of a religion and if one would carry out the act of resembling or imitating it, he would apparently seem to be from amongst them. For example: Wearing a cross around the neck or on clothes, prostrating in front of fire or idols, celebrating Easter or Diwali, using a Christmas tree or father Christmas for decorations etc. These are specific signs of another religion and therefore are not only unlawful but are acts of infidelity.

Another type of resemblance such as growing the moustache and shaving the beard is also severely disliked; not permissible because the Prophet (saw)mentioned it as a resemblance to the non-believers and demanded the contrary from the Muslims.

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