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What was Abu Lahab's objection to the Messenger?

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At the start of the call to Islam, the Messenger (saw) targeted his immediate clan, inviting over 40 of his uncles, cousins and second or third cousins to a banquet. When they had finished eating, Abu Lahab summarised his opposition to the call:

"These are your uncles and cousins. You may speak to them, but you have to leave off apostasy. Do not turn away from the deen of your people, and do not expose them to the anger of the Arabs. Your qawm cannot face up to opposition by the whole of the Arab nation, and they cannot be expected to face them all in war.
Your qawm are aware of what you intend to invent in their deen. They have not been heedless of what you are doing and what you advocate: rebellion against the deen and against the traditions inherited from our forefathers.
Take care, then, of yourself and your father’s offspring. To be certain, the Arabs will not leave you alone, and it will not be difficult for them to kill you. It is better for you that you revert to the deen of your fathers and grandfathers.
Otherwise, we will have to put you in confinement until you are cured of the illness you are suffering so that we can spare you an attack by the Arabs. It is better that we deal with you until you have regained your mind and recovered from your illness. It is certainly better that your father’s offspring take you to task and put you in confinement if you persist with what you are doing. This is easier for you and them than an attack by other clans of Quraysh supported by other Arabs.
I have never heard of anyone who caused his father’s offspring anything worse than you have done."
(Amin Duwaydar, Suwar Min Hayat al-Rasul)

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