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What are the different kinds of 'friends' in Arabic?

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In Arabic, there are 12 Levels of Friendship  Here are the levels:  1. Zameel - Someone you have a nodding acquaintance with.  2. Jalees - Someone you are comfortable sitting with for a period of time.  3. Sameer - You have good conversation with them; this is where things get serious.  4. Nadeem - A drinking companion (just tea) that you might call when you are free.  5. Sahib - Someone who is concerned for your wellbeing; now we are in the real ranks of friendship.  6. Rafeeq - Someone you can depend upon. You would probably go on holiday with them.  7. Sadeeq - A true friend, someone who doesn't befriend you for an ulterior motive.  8. Khaleel - An intimate friend, someone whose presence makes you happy.  9. Anees - Someone with whom you are really comfortable and familiar.  10. Najiyy - A confidant, someone you trust deeply.  11. Safiyy - Your best friend, someone you have chosen over other friends.  12. Qareen - Someone who is inseparable from you. You know how they think (and vice versa).

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