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What percentages do various subjects have in books of fiqh?

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The scholar Wael Hallaq in his Introduction to Fiqh answers thus question with the following estimates:  A. The First Quarter 1. Book of Purity and Washing (7%) 2. Book of Prayer (14%) 3. Book of Alms-Tax (4%) 4. Book of Fasting (3%) 5. Book of Pilgrimage (6%) 6. Book of Food and Drink (less than 1%) [some jurists discuss this and the following Book toward the end of the Third Quarter] 7. Book of Hunting and Butchering Animals (less than 1%)  B. The Second Quarter [Some jurists treat these topics in the Third Quarter, with the exception of inheritance and bequests which are generally delayed to the very end of their works.] 8. Book of Sales (4%) 9. Book of Pledge (1%) 10. Book of Insolvency and Interdiction (1%) 11. Book of Amicable Settlement (less than 1%) 12. Book of Transfer (less than 1%) 13. Book of Guaranty (less than 1%) 14. Book of Partnership (less than 1%) 15. Book of Agency (1%) 16. Book of Acknowledgments (1.2%) 17. Book of Deposit (less than 1%) 18. Book of Loans (less than 1%) 19. Book of Unlawful Appropriation (1.5%) 20. Book of Preemption (1%) 21. Book of Sleeping Partnership (less than 1%) 22. Book of Agricultural Lease (less than 1%) 23. Book of Rent and Hire (2%) 24. Book of Cultivating Waste Land (less than 1%) 25. Book of Charitable Trusts (WAQF, 1.5%) 26. Book of Gifts (1%) 27. Book of Found Property (less than 1%) 28. Book of Foundling (less than 1%) 29. Book of Rewards for Returning Escaped Slaves (less than 1%) 30. Book of Quranic Shares (inheritance, 3.5%) 31. Book of Bequests (2.5%)  C. The Third Quarter [Some jurists treat these topics in the Second Quarter.] 32. Book of Marriage (3.5%) 33. Book of Dower (1%) 34. Book of Contractual Dissolution of Marriage (khulʿ; less than 1%) 35. Book of Unilateral Dissolution of Marriage by Husband (2%) 36. Book of Re-marriage by the Same Couple (less than 1%) 37. Book of Husband’s Oath not to have Sexual Intercourse with his Wife for Four Months (ilaʾ; less than 1%) 38. Book of Husband’s Oath not to have Sexual Intercourse with his Wife (zihar; less than 1%) 39. Book of Husband’s Accusing his Wife of Being Unfaithful (less than 1%) 40. Book of Oaths (2%) 41. Book of Waiting Periods (1%) 42. Book of Foster Relationships (less than 1%) 43. Book of Family Support (1.2%) 44. Book of Child Custody (less than 1%)  D. The Fourth Quarter 45. Book of Torts (2%) 46. Book of Blood-Money (less than 2%) 47. Book of Quranically Regulated Infractions (5%) a. Sub-chapter on Apostasy b. Sub-chapter on Rebels c. Sub-chapter on Illicit Sexual Acts d. Sub-chapter on Accusing Someone of an Illicit Sexual Act e. Sub-chapter on Theft f. Sub-chapter on Highway Robbers g. Sub-chapter on Drinking Intoxicants 48. Book of Discretionary Punishments (TAʿZIR; less than 1%) 49. Book of War and Peace (JIHAD, 1.5%) [some jurists place this Book at the end of the First Quarter] 50. Book of Division of Booty (1%) 51. Book of Judges and Judgeship (3%) 52. Book of Suits and Evidence (1%) 53. Book of Testimonies (2%) 54. Book of Manumission (less than 1%) 55. Book of Manumission after Master’s Death (less than 1%) 56. Book of Manumission for Payment (less than 1%) 57. Book of Female Slaves who had Children with their Master (less than 1%)

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