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What were the classical scholars views on Yazid ibn Muawiyah?

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1) Imam Shafi'i (767-820 AD)   He says about Yazid: "Yazid was a drunkard, cruel, playing Tambourine and raising bears, so it is genuine to curse (La'nt) him"    2) Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal (780 C.E/164 A.H-855C.E/241 A.H)   Once Imam Hanbal's son Salih, enquired him "O father is it genuine to curse (La'nt) Yazid?" Imam Hanbal answered, "My dear son, there is no faithful Muslim on this earth who can claim Yazid's friendship, and why should not I curse the man to whom Allah has cursed in the holy Quran"     3) Imam Ghazali (1058-1111)    Imam Ghazali says about Yazid: "One group of Islam believes that Yazid was not agreeing on the murder of Hazrat Hussain (a.s). But the fact is that when two kings fight with each other, one becomes recessive another dominant. If the recessive king is killed and the dominant king claims that the latter was killed by mistake and he was not personally present in the battle field, this excuse will not be accepted. Same is the situation in the episode of Karbala. Hazrat Hussain (a.s), his companions and family members were martyred their heads were placed on the tip dart. Harems were captured, undoubtedly, Yazid was responsible for it."     4) Sheikh Ahmad Sarhandi (1564-1624)    He writes about Yazid: "Yazid falls in the category of 'Fasiqeen' (transgressors) and 'Fajireen' (those who comment debauchery)"     5) Al-Dhahabi (1274-1347)    Al-Dhahabi transmitted a narration attributed to Ziyad Hurshee, who reports: "Yazid gave me alcohol to drink; I had never drunk alcohol before. I enquired when he had obtained its ingredients. Yazid replied, it is made of sweet pomegranate, honey from Isfahan, sugar from Hawaz and grapes from Burdah...... Yazid indulged in alcohol and would participate in action that opposed the dictates set by Allah"     6) Ibn Kathir (1301-1385)    He says about Yazid: "Yazid ordered his army to ransack Medina for three days. Sahaba and their children were slaughtered openly; other heinous acts were also perpetuated. In those three days in Medina, it is difficult to mention the type of acts that were carried out. By doing this act Yazid wanted to secure his governance. Prophet of Islam (PBUH) said, "Whosoever perpetuated injustice and frightened the residents of Medina, the curse (la'ant) of Allah, His Angels and all people is on such person."     7) Ali Ibn al Athir (1233-1160)    Ali Ibn al Athir transmitted a narration attributed to Munzir Ibn Zabeer reports: "Verily Yazid rewarded me with 100,000 dirham but thin can not stop me from highlighting his state, by Allah he is a drunkard and Fasiq."     8) Qazi Thanaullah Pani Pati (1161-1225 A.H)    He says about Yazid: "The Banu Umayya were initially Kafir then some of them presented themselves as Muslim. Yazid then became again Kafir. The Banu Umayya maintained their enmity towards the family of the Prophet (PBUH) and killed his grandson Hussain in a cruel manner. The Kafir Yazid committed Kufur in relation to the Deen of Mohammad (PBUH) proven by the fact that at the time of the killing of Hussain he made a pointed reference to avenging the deaths of his Kafir ancestors slain in Badr. He acted against the family of Mohammad (PBUH), Banu Hashim and in his drunken state he praised the Banu Umayya and cursed the Banu Hashim from the pulpit."         REFERENCE       1) Hayatul Haiwan; Kamaluddin Mohammad Dameri; Vol-2; P-195 2) Sawaiq-i-Muhriqa; Ibn Hajar al-Haytami; P 132 3) Sir al-Aalam; Chapter 3; P-8 4) Maktubaat-i-Mujadid Alf Thani; P-285 5) 'Siyar a'lam al-nubal'; Al-Dhahbi; Vol-4; P-37-38 6) Al-Bidayah wa-Nihayah; Ibn Kathir; Vol-8; P-222 7) Al Kamil fi al-Tareekh; Ibn al Athir; Vol-3; P-450 8) Tafsir al-Mazhari; Qazi Thanaullah Pani Pati; Vol-5; P-21 (under the commentary of Surah Ibrahim, Verse 28)

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