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Is perfection of salah necessary before khilafah or an Islamic state is established?

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The argument that is based on the assumption that Khilafah is something the people are granted when they perfect aspects of the Deen that, when Islam is restricted to them, secularize our belief. It is like saying 'if you want Salah or Siyaam to be established, you must perfect your Du'a or Sadaqah then Allah will bless you with Masaajid.'  If we want to establish Salah, Siyaam, Hajj, Zakah, Jihad, Wudhu, Ghusl, Tayammum, Nikah, etc; we resort to the evidence indicating how to perform and establish them. We don't say that performing Siyaam depends on perfecting Hajj or Sadaqah, for instance. Why then insist that the Khilafah can only be re-established when we perfect other actions? What is the link? They are separate obligations that must be carried out in their respective areas. As the expression goes, what has that got to do with the price of food in China?  It is only when it comes to the Khilafah that you hear people bringing up such arguments that are in reality nothing more than excuses used in keeping people from demanding the real solution to our problems.   The nature of society is that people generally abide by the prevailing values and ideas. Kufr ideas did not become prevalent because people don't pray or fast. Rather, it was because the Khilafah is abandoned, which paved the way for kufr ideas to surface and root themselves in our lives. Hence, prayers are abandoned because Kufr ideas dominate; Kufr ideas dominate due to the overwhelming presence of a Kufr system forced upon people; this imposed Kufr system is present because the Khilafah is absent to implement the Islamic values that are meant to be bulwarks against the influence and deception of Shaytaan and Taghut.  This is a simple equation that I can't understand why people fail to grasp. If there was a party club close to you, your children are trained and disciplined, but the other children from the neighborhood are drawn to it. Is your first step preventing your kids from befriending anyone? Or do you think they are invulnerable to this evil of a party club? Which is better; that you are in constant fear your kids will turn and follow the trendy pack, or that there is an instituted Shariah system that prevents the establishment of party clubs in the first place?  Hence, the reason it is said with the Khilafah, these threats of falling into abject Kufr values and indecency won't even be present (or at least be nigh impossible). As I said, it is a simple matter to grasp. People don't pray or fast, they drink wine or participate in usury? The first question to ask is what is the cause for these widespread disobediences? Had the current western system not allowed and even aggressively promotes these Munkaraat (evil actions), would it have been possible for people to have access to Riba, Zina, or even alcohol? Definitely no, or at least not easily.   This is a simple fact that must be accepted: society is made up of the Aqeedah and the solutions that come from it, a system, and the emotions that are controlled by the system. Replace the system by uprooting the kufr Aqeedah that establishes it, you install an Islamic state based on the Islamic Aqeedah, and you have an Islamic society. The Rasool (saw) said:  "The example of those who maintain Allah's limits (hudood) and those who surpass them is like the example of those who share a boat. Some would occupy its upper deck and some its lower deck. The occupants of the lower deck would have to go to the upper deck to have access to the water. If they said, why don't we drill a hole in our part (to directly access the water) and do not cause any inconvenience to those abov e us. If those on the upper deck let them do what they wanted then all of the passengers would sink. However, if they prevented them from doing so then all would be saved".  This means if any in the society carry out actions that save themselves or mere individuals, leaving and condemning the rest, the whole ship of society sinks along with them (and their 'invulnerable' children).

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