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What makes "extremists" so angry?

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You often find Westerners in the media or politicians as well as some Muslims asking this question... How would you answer it?
2 Answers
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What makes

Here's a list: 1. Our sisters are raped. 2. Our mothers are widowed. 3. Our brothers are killed. 4. Our children are butchered. 5. Our newborns are minced. 6. Our homes are bulldozed. 7. Our mosques are burned. 8. Our lands are bombed. 9. Our beloved is insulted. 10. Our Lord is rejected. And the list goes... Show more >>

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Alain Gresh, French journalist specialised in the Middle East and deputy director of Le Monde diplomatique, reflects on the attacks which have shaken France and puts the country's foreign policy into perspective. He observes,"What is certain is that in France there has been a real refusal to see the possible consequences of... Show more >>

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