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How does it feel like to live in Pakistan?

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A student. Took Islamiat and History as subjects, and greatly interested in Islamic and Indo-Pak history.
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I am a Pakistani living in Islamabad so my perspective may differ from the other man's perspective. Living in Pakistan has its drawbacks and benefits


  • very few Pakistani citizens pay income tax as they fall short of the minimal range. So, if you are mentally disturbed by high taxes in other countries, move to Pakistan.
  • Education is far more affordable (although not of the same standards) in Pakistan.
  • Labour and the Tertiary sector is extremely affordable compared to European countries.
  • Pakistanis have a high religious tolerance; no religion is prohibited and everyone can freely practice their religion.


  • Image problem: Pakistan is not an extremist, terrorist state. NOT AT ALL. but this is the only thing that is framed in international media.
  • Widespread corruption in every public office.
  • The police department is subject to bribery, nepotism and unlawful authority.
  • Inflation, so everyday goods are becoming expensive.
  • Great, devalue of the Pakistani rupee in the foreign market.
  • Allegedly terrorism. Especially in Karachi, although it has been minimised by 90% in the last 3 years or so.


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