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What are the inspirational things that ISIS tells its recruits that make them join ISIS?

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They will usually be told about the facts of history and what is currently going on internally in their country and what its foreign relations are like.

So the destruction of their centuries old advanced civilisations by European powers, division of their lands into tiny nation-state, the imposition of corrupt tyrants and dictators, the extraction of cheap resources by foreign corporates, the dominance of their economies by foreign powers etc

When any change is attempted, they are invaded, looted and pillaged.

Those who speak up against the tyranny are tortured or killed.

This is what annoys most Muslims - and is not specific to ISIS. Groups like ISIS convince their followers that non-violence does not work - violence does. They cite the IRA, Indian independence, Federal Govt restraining use of force against the civil rights movement, English Civil War, French revolution, Russian Revolution.

They make quite a persuasive case which is why many Muslims join the in what they see as a freedom struggle.

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