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What is Islamiqate's policy on real names?

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On Islamiqate, you have to use your full name for your account.

You can change your name from your profile here.

If you don't want to associate your identity with a question or answer, you can usually post anonymously.

If Islamiqate moderators believe a user is not using their real name, they may ask they provide supporting evidence.

More specifically, the following rules apply to profile names:

Organisation accounts

You may create an account on Quora to represent a business or other organisation.

This is not mandatory, as you can however post using a personal account.

Names in Non-Latin Languages
Islamiqate is currently available in English. Characters not part of the Latin alphabet are allowed following user names in parentheses, e.g., Hu Jintao (胡锦涛).


Names should be capitalised. as follows: TOM BROWN - Tom Brown.

Multiple Accounts

Each account should be connected with a real name, multiple accounts representing the same person are not allowed.

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