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What do Muslims believe about Jesus?

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2 Answers
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Muslims revere Isa (as) ie Jesus and believe that he was born to the Maryam (as) ie Mary, through a miraculous act of God, just as Adam was created by God without a father or mother. The Qur'an describes his conception and birth, as well as his many miracles such as healing the sick. The Qur'an also emphasizes that Isa (as)... Show more >>

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The Quran mentions Jesus, or Isa, 25 times, but differently each time. The Quran explains that Jesus was born of the virgin Mary (19:20-21) and is "high honored in this and the next world" (3:45-47). Thus, he is called Isa ibn Maryam, or Jesus son of Mary. The Quran also refers to him as ruh min Allah ("Spirit from God"), mushia... Show more >>

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