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Do Muslims need to believe in other books too like the Torah and the Bible?

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If the Pillars of Iman are belief in God, his angels, his books and his messengers and the day of judgement and fate, then this seems to be the case, no?
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Yes, Muslims need to believe in all four books i.e, Torah, Zaboor, Injeel (a.k.a Bible) and the Holy Qur'an. However, Muslims have to follow just one of them i.e., The Holy Qur'an. Because Qur'an is the final book for the final Prophet sent for the entire humanity for there to come until the judgement day. Moreover, all other books except the Qur'an have been altered with by humans; Qur'an could and can never be altered with because its protection's responsibility is taken by Allah Almighty himself. So, the Muslims have to believe in all books but follow just one.

As an example of alteration in Bible.The Old Testament contains 613 rules. The New Testament contains 1,050 rules. Some of the rules contain:

  • If a man rapes an unwed virgin, he should pay her father a fine and then marry her.
  • Women must not wear gold.
  • Women must not enter a church on their period.
  • Women must not speak in church, teach, or hold positions of authority over men.
  • Slavery is okay. Slaves must obey their masters.
  • It is permitted for a father to sell his daughter as a sex slave as long as he does not sell her to foreigners.
  • If two men are fighting and a woman tries to separate them, and in the process she touches one of them in the crotch, her hand must be cut off.
  • Any woman not a virgin on her wedding night must be put to death in the middle of town.
  • Anyone who curses their father or mother must be put to death.
  • If a woman is raped and doesn’t call for help, she, the rape victim, must be put to death.

How can such cruel and inhumane orders be given to humans by God himself. They have been altered with and Qur'an describes that. So, now to follow the right path, you have to follow Qur'an.

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