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What exactly is the problem with torah and Injil for Muslims?

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Well we Muslims got no problem with Torah and Injeel, they are definitely the books of Allah and were sent by messengers of Allah but the Torah and injeel you are talking about are not the real deal because people at the time felt special and they thought of including their ideas with the word of god so let me ask you this would you consider something to be the word of god as of now which is been corrupted by mere humans of that era who could it suitable to add and subtract things as they felt pleasing. For example the Bible talks about god begetting a son which implies that god can reproduce and we all know reproduction is a filthy process and is a characteristic of animals including us and Allah all mighty is pure. This implies that humans have fabricated things is the books of Allah and that is why Muslims don't believe the current versions of these books to be the word of god.

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