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What questions would you ask a potential marriage partner?

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For Muslims dating is not permitted so background and compatibility checks are important.

First is the background check. This can be done by asking about the person in their school, university, neighborhood etc. The goal is to marry someone who has no suspicious history of relationships.

Next check the compatibility of a candidate. This can be done through your family; get your family members to visit thme and see what they are like.

Finally visit and speak to them. Be observational. How did they introduce themselves? How do they react to their family making comments? Did they get up to pray if it was prayer time? What was served and how was it served? How were they with their younger siblings?

Observe the parents - the mother influences the daughter and the father influences the son.

Questions to ask your wife to be or your husband to be:
1. What do you want/not want in your future spouse?
2. If I had to ask your friends to describe you, what would hey say?
3. What is the relationship between you and your family?
4. Have you had any previous relations? (Maybe better not ask directly) 5. What goals would you like to accomplish in your life?
6. What is the thing you like/dislike most about yourself?
7. Do you like to read Qur'an? What are your favourite suras?
8. What do you like to read ?
9. How do you spend your day?
10. What do you understand the purpose of marriage to be and what do you think the roles of a husband and a wife are?

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