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What is your opinion about the Pakistan / India partition by the British?

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I read a thought-provoking post a while back which I am reproducing here.  My young Pakistani friend Amile Gulzar, who lives in Lahore, invited me to his wedding next month in Lahore. I very much wanted to go, but I had much earlier planned a 3 month visit to USA.  I have never been to Pakistan, but am very keen to see the beautiful places and meet the people there, of whom, as I have repeatedly said, 99% are good (despite what many of our crooked politicians and crooked TRP driven media say.  I regard India and Pakistan as one country, temporarily separated due to the machinations of the British, but which is bound to reunite one day. When I meet Pakistanis I find myself no different from them--we look like each other, speak the same language Hindustani (called Urdu in Pakistan ), share the same culture etc.  We were befooled by the British, their divide and rule policy, spread by Gandhi and Jinnah and the systematic propaganda disseminated over decades that Hindus and Muslims are intrinsically enemies and the two nation theory, which led to Partition with all its horrors ( see the short stories of Manto ).  But how much longer must we remain befooled? How much longer must blood flow between us? We are a poor people and so should be helping each other, instead of wasting billions of dollars in buying foreign arms to fight each other.  So, taking inspiration from the Great Peacemaker, Dekanawida, who in 1142 united the five warring tribes of the Iroquois Confederacy in America and ushered in an era of peace and prosperity, I have been trying to do the same.  When I expressed my desire to visit Pakistan many friends and relatives implored me not to go, saying that I will not return alive, but will be bumped off by extremists.  But I have already crossed my Biblical age limit of 70 and now am living on a bonus. So, I am past caring for my life.

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