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Would life under a caliphate be unbearable?

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Islamic rule, ie a Caliphate, is a unique political system not only underestimated by most, totally misunderstood by most, Muslims included.

The caliphate structures society based on communities who pick their way of life and are given legal, economic and political autonomy to run their affairs.

A central caliph has oversight for collective welfare where a community breaks down and responsibility for security - embedded in stone - Quran and Sunnah - something that he cannot change so all know until the day of judgement, come what may, that responsibility will remain.

How wonderful is that? A community of autonomous communities with security and prosperity, seen through 1300 years of Muslim history from the time of the prophet, the khulafah rashida, the Umayyads, the Abbasids and the Ottomans.

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