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Is the golden age of Islam under the Abbasid caliphate a myth?

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The alleged golden age of Islam during the Abbasid period is little more than a myth yet it is still frequently repeated.

Our golden age was during the first century of Islam, the prophetic era and the era of the khulafah rashida.

These eras were devoid of grandiose claims of science and technology. That is not to say Muslims were opposed to science and technology or neglected them. Muslims always investigated, researched and progressed throughout their history prior to the past century. The adoption of ideas and technologies went without inhibition to solve the problems they faced.

Their focus however was never on science - it was on justice. That is the important issue for humanity. Humans can survive comfortably without major leaps in science; they cannot survive without justice - the past five centuries filled with genocides, holocausts, colonialism etc evidences that.

The Christian church historically also supported science. Galileo's spat with the church was also against the entire scientific community of the day who relied on a different paradigm which was built on empirical evidences - something that is rarely mentioned. No scientific paradigm is abandoned until another is sufficiently investigated and evidence - Kuhn in his structure of scientific revolutions elaborates on this in depth.

The scientific revolution occurred post-revolution in Europe with new capitalist elites encouraging and adopting scientific and technological innovations for malignant military and economic purposes - as opposed to the well being of humanity.

A more careful reading of history is important.

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