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How did Muhammed (pbuh) become a prophet and a messenger of God?

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The Prophet (saw) used to worship not the Idols of Quraysh and he thought they must be wrong as this idols don't harm nor benefit. ِHe was indirectly guided by Allah to stay in a cave away from his people's filthy practices and meditated for years. He was only thinking about God who had created him. We don't know exactly how he was meditating, but he theologically adopted the Hanafiyah of Prophet Ibrahim (as) which reject the association of idols and people besides God.

At the age of forty, Prophet Muhammed (saw) received his first revelation from God through the Angel Gabriel. This revelation continued to come separately for twenty-two or twenty-three years and became known as the Qur'an we have it today before the death of the Prophet (saw).

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